Day: 28 October 2022

£270 million investment in Leeds transport network completed

Connecting Leeds work to transform transport and travel around Leeds following completion of the unprecedented £270 million Leeds Transport Investment Programme. After the start of the programme in 2018, the vision for Connecting Leeds was to deliver a transformational change in the transport network and connectivity across Leeds and the

The Escapologist at White Rose opens chilling new horror room

Immersive entertainment specialist The Escapologist has launched a brand-new escape room at White Rose Shopping Centre just in time for Halloween: The Butchering. The Butchering sees visitors trapped in a strange place, unimagined in even the worst nightmares, where things become very gory, very quickly. The room has an age

Police and partners crack down on anti-social motorbikes

Efforts to tackle motorbike-related crime and anti-social behaviour in Leeds have stepped up gear with extra funding and targeted operations by police and partner agencies. Stolen motorbikes, quad bikes, and electric motorbikes have regularly featured in incidents of crime and anti-social behaviour across Leeds and have been involved in several