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Stingers to be deployed against quadbikes in South Leeds

‘Stingers’ – a device that Police can use to throw a mat of spikes across a road to puncture the tyres of vehicles that fail to stop – could be in use soon in South Leeds against anti-social quadbikes and motorbikes. The news came at a meeting of the Inner

Police and partners crack down on anti-social motorbikes

Efforts to tackle motorbike-related crime and anti-social behaviour in Leeds have stepped up gear with extra funding and targeted operations by police and partner agencies. Stolen motorbikes, quad bikes, and electric motorbikes have regularly featured in incidents of crime and anti-social behaviour across Leeds and have been involved in several

Holbeck Police crack down on nuisance bikers

Police are taking a zero tolerance approach to problems with nuisance bikers in south Leeds. Following complaints from local residents Holbeck police off-road motorcycle officers have been trying addressing the issue of the anti-social use of motorcycles. August saw an overall reduction of 37% in the number of calls for