Who? What? Where? – about Leeds, West Yorkshire


Leeds City Museum. Photo:
Leeds City Museum. Photo: Sithembile Moyo

I will own up and admit that I know nothing – nothing at all. I can even go a step further and acknowledge the fact that this lack of knowledge is due to total ignorance, or pure lack of interest. In all fairness, people have personal likes and dislikes. However, although I have only been resident in Leeds for the past 10 years, I have heard enough stories from generations back to make me wish I could find out more. Unfortunately, I somehow fail to find the time to look for literature on historic Leeds. But then again, I am not such a candid reader so why not look for an alternative way of acquiring this knowledge?

If you are lucky like me, you will be surrounded by friends aged between 40 to 85 years! Yes – friends; that is how I relate with them. Blimey, this lot possess so much wealth about Leeds. Good for me, because I would rather listen to them chatting away rather bury my face in a book or glue my face to a computer, laptop, i-Pad or phone-screen trying to read through the content.

In the event that you are not such a good listener, and like me, not a reader, then do by all means visit the Leeds City Museum. Do not let the literal meaning of the word “museum” put you off. What you will find inside is some wealth of knowledge that you will not regret having. I am not sure about my younger friends, but I would encourage you to visit this museum as well. If for nothing else, it will broaden your knowledge and understanding of City of Leeds and West Yorkshire in general.

A taste of literature and history…

Thembi Museum 2
Who was Dorothy Una Ratcliffe? Photo:


And then, this made my day! My first photography session was in Middleton Park and I was a bit disappointed as I had not been able to add any animal section to my report – so voilà!  Young readers, let us see if we can name the following animals…

Thembi Museum 3 Thembi Museum 4

Thembi Museum 5 Thembi Museum 6

Thembi Museum 7If cultural diversity and inclusion appeals to you, you ought to visit the World View Gallery for some eye-caching displays. For instance, what does this picture say to you?

I found this exercise to be an immense confidence booster. I now have a few stories to tell other people. Is that not great?

Everyone is welcome. Entry is free. So what are you waiting for?


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  1. Nice piece. I’m glad that another community correspondents course is underway. Sithembite seems to have got the hang of things and will probably be a credit to the website. I hope that he enjoys it as much as I do.
    Best Wishes. Martyn

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