Professor Fiddlesticks fools around in the park

Last Sunday I was in Middleton Park to review Professor Fiddlesticks‘ Circus Skills. This is the fourth time that ‘the Prof’ has entertained our community in Middleton.

The weather decided to be good, indeed by the time of the performance at 2 pm, it had blossomed into a real corker of a day and hence the park was packed. Strollers, picnickers, fishers, swingers (and roundabouters) all enjoying the freedom and promise of a beautiful spring day.

Prof Fiddlesticks at Middleton Park. Photo: Jane Haswell
Prof Fiddlesticks at Middleton Park. Photo: Jane Haswell

As I approached the Visitor Centre I could hear the giggles from the audience and the encouraged calling out as Fiddlesticks performed his ‘Amazing Anti-Gravity’ trick. Dressed in primary colours and wearing a headdress that seemed to have a life of its own, he performed to an enthralled room of youngsters and oldsters alike. There was plenty of audience participation and the children really enjoyed seeing their parents and grandparents balancing Peacock feathers on their hands.

Friends of Middleton Park gave up their time to plan and organise this event and were selling refreshments to thirsty customers on the day. One member commented:

“There must have been about 200 people through the doors today, we have had wonderful weather and everyone seems to have enjoyed themselves.”

This event was a great use of the new centre, successful and free, making it possible for all the children of our community to attend.

If you missed it this time, Professor Fiddlesticks will be returning on his unicycle in June to thrill and enthrall us all again.

Jane Fiddlesticks 3 Jane Fiddlesticks 2


This article was written by Jane Haswell using our Community Reporters website

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  1. Lovely review, thanks. I’ve actually worked at Middleton Park 8 or 10 times now, and my next appearance is at the beginning of September…. unless they want an extra one in June?

  2. Thank you for your response to my review Professor F. It seems we both got the date of your next performance incorrect, as you have it as July on your facebook page – unless you were originally booked for then? Goodness knows where I got June from, I guess I must have just plucked it out of the air. Hey perhaps we could do a double act? You on the unicycle whilst I pluck things out of the air just don’t put me in a leotard that is if you want the good turnout you had last week.

    1. The Professor is back in Middleton Park on Sunday 8th September, I’ve just added it to the Events Calendar.

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