Video: New Asda store opens in Middleton


Hundreds of people gathered ahead of the long awaited opening of Asda’s new superstore in Middleton.

The official opening was carried out by Hilary Benn MP together with Middleton Park ward Councillors Judith Blake, Kim Groves and Paul Truswell; children from Middleton St Mary’s Primary School and local residents.

Speaking about the new store, Hilary Benn MP said:

“It’s a great success story. It’s a significant investment and an important facility for Middleton, but the big thing is the jobs it’s created and that they have gone to local people.

“Thanks to the work done by Leeds City Council and the local ward councillors the community has a stake in this store. Shoppers will find friends and family behind the tills. I’ve just spoken to the staff and their spirit is tangible.”

It is understood that this is the first time Asda has engaged with a council to ensure local people secure new jobs in a new store. Following an operation to brief over 1,000 local job seekers ahead of Asda’s recruitment, 68% of jobs at the new store went to people living in the LS10 postcode.

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  1. 68% is better than I expected. This should be a huge boost to the local economy and development of the area. I wish all those starting their career the best for the future.

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