Use your vote on Thursday


Thursday 22 May 2014 is polling day for the local elections and the European elections.

Poll CardA third of Leeds City Councillors will be elected on Thursday, including one for each of our three wards: Beeston & Holbeck, City & Hunslet and Middleton Park. We will also be electing a group of MEPs to represent Yorkshire & The Humber in the European Parliament.

You can find out who is standing and what their policies are on our special Election 2014 pages. We have invited all the candidates in the local election to tell us about themselves and most of them have taken the opportunity.

South Leeds Life does not have any party political affiliations, but we do believe that as citizens we should engage with the debate and decisions about our communities. So we urge all our readers to use their vote on Thursday, whichever party you choose to vote for.

If you are registered to vote you should have received your poll card by now. This will tell you which polling station to use. Polling stations will be open from 7am to 10pm on. You can still vote if you haven’t got a poll card, so long as you are registered.

At the polling station you will be given two ballot papers, one for the Council election and one for the European election. You have one vote in each election.