Taking the temperature of communities in Leeds

The Measures Of Us art project started today with people in Beeston and Holbeck being asked if they laugh everyday.

As previously reported, Measures Of Us is part of the Compass Festival, a programme of arts events taking place across Leeds this week. Each day this week a new question will be asked. You can take part at special voting boxes in venues around the area.

Today (Monday 19 November 2018) people were asked if the agreed, disagreed, or were neutral about the statement “I laugh every day.” As darkness fell the results were posted on special boards at St Matthew’s Community Centre and the bottom of Trentham Street. 80% in Holbeck and 70% in Beeston (of the people who voted) agreed with the statement.

Voting is also taking place in Bramley, Gipton, Seacroft and Woodhouse and will find out how each area answered the five questions at the weekend when all six boards are brought together in City Square.

The statements are intended to open conversations and that’s already started. In Garnet Fisheries one person said she definitely laughed every day. But another customer said:

“I probably do laugh every day, but not always because I find things funny. Sometimes I’m being sarcastic, or laugh out of embarrassment.”

A man in Holbeck was more emphatic: “Oh yes, I laugh 100% of the time!”

A new question will be revealed tomorrow morning. If you would like to take part, voting boxes are located at:

  • Garnet Fisheries, Dewsbury Road  9am-1:30pm; 4-6:30pm
  • Dewsbury Road Community Hub  10am-5pm
  • St Luke’s CARES charity shop, Dewsbury Road  9am-4:30pm
  • Hillside Enterprise Centre, Beeston Road  8am-7pm
  • Holbeck Elderly Aid, Domestic Street  9am-5pm
  • Out Of The Woods café, Water Lane  7am-4pm
  • The Holbeck club, Jenkinson Lawn  5-10pm
  • Rydall Londis shop, Rydall Street  7am-5pm