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Cottingley: Have your say on new young people’s area

Residents living on the Cottingley Hall estate are being asked to have their say on plans for a new recreation space for local children and young people. Leeds City Council and other partners on the estate have been working with young people to establish a suitable space after it emerged

New 20mph zones for Holbeck and Cottingley officially announced

  Local residents have successfully secured two new 20mph zones in Holbeck and Cottingley following road safety concerns. The Cottingley zone will be centred on Cottingley Primary School and will include all streets surrounded by Cottingley Drive and Elland Road. Traffic calming measures will also be installed on Cottingley Drive.

MP Hilary Benn opens new Sphynx Square in Cottingley

[slideshow] Cottingley TRAC chair Robyn Holland writes about the work of the organisation – and the opening of the new Sphynx Square on the estate over the weekend. Cottingley has seen some changes over the past few months. The management committee at TRAC (Tenants and Residents Association of Cottingley) has