New 20mph zones for Holbeck and Cottingley officially announced


Local residents have successfully secured two new 20mph zones in Holbeck and Cottingley following road safety concerns.

@0 mph zone in Beeston. Photo: Jeremy Morton
20 mph zone in Beeston. Photo: Jeremy Morton

The Cottingley zone will be centred on Cottingley Primary School and will include all streets surrounded by Cottingley Drive and Elland Road. Traffic calming measures will also be installed on Cottingley Drive. The moves follow a campaign by Cottingley TRAC members.

The second zone will be in the Ingrams area of Holbeck and will be centred on Ingram Road Primary School and will include all streets between the A643 and Top Moor Side and Domestic Street.

Local residents have requested that measures are implemented to reduce traffic speeds in areas popular with families and located around two popular primary schools.

Leeds City Council worked with residents who were consulted on the proposals. The zones have been supported by residents and will be put in place later this year.

Cllr David Congreve
Cllr David Congreve

Councillor David Congreve (Labour, Beeston & Holbeck) said:

 “We fully support the introduction of these new 20mph zones in our local areas. Both areas will really benefit from the reduced speed limit making them safer for pedestrians, cyclists and especially school children and the elderly. We also hope this will encourage more people to walk and cycle in the area.”

4 Replies to “New 20mph zones for Holbeck and Cottingley officially announced”

  1. Fantastic news, now can we have 20 mph limits in force around the Cross Flatts area please? Oh, and some traffic calming measures down Cross Flatts Grove would be excellent as well.

  2. Excellent. How will they be enforced? Perhaps the Area Committee can let us know how many penalty tickets have been issued in the first 6 months of operation?

    Introducing it in the Cross Flatts Area would be a good idea Cross Flatts Grove would benefit from changing the priority at its junction with Theodore Street.

  3. Hi good news about the 20 zone expect it to include all streets west of Domestic Street .
    We don’t want road humps vehicles in this area are damaged enough by the poor road surfaces
    Signs should be sufficient
    Dennis K

  4. Agree about road humps, Dennis, but doubt signs will be sufficient. I think there is a need for enforcement. In my view there is a role here for volunteers subject to proper scrutiny, recruitment and training.

    We don’t want a bunch of vigilantes on the streets but think pilot schemes using local volunteers to help with stuff like this and environmental improvements (managing litter dropping and dog fouling) is worth considering.

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