Cottingley anti-speeding battle – 200 sign petition

As reported on South Leeds Life over a fortnight ago, Cottingley mums are campaigning for reduced speed around Cottingley Primary School, following concerns school childrens’ lives could be at risk due to speeding cars. One of the residents behind the campaign, Adele Bosworth, writes for South Leeds Life about the issues.

My name is Adele Bosworth. I’ve lived on the Cottingley estate for almost 40 years and for as long as I can remember speeding has been a problem on and around the estate.

So myself and Christine Robinson-Perkins have started a petition to reduce the speed on Dulverton Grove, which is also the school road.

At present it is a 30 mph speed zone. We were hoping to get it reduced to 10 mph but it is more likely to be 20 mph with previsions put in to place.

It’s a dead end so there’s no need for them to go that fast. It’s virtually impossible to see cars coming up or down and can be really dangerous.

So far we have about 200 signatures and are hoping to get many more. This is just the first step. We aim to get the speed reduced on and around the whole estate.