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Boundary Commission creates new Leeds South constituency

The final recommendations of the Boundary Commission which has been looking at redrawing Parliamentary constituencies have been laid before Parliament and will come into effect at the next General Election. As we reported previously, early plans would have seen Middleton Park Ward moved from the Leeds Central constituency to join

MP’s Notebook: Boundary changes, Huntingdon’s disease & Holbeck Together

The BBC is planning to make cuts to local radio which will mean that we lose distinctive Leeds content for significant parts of the day. Although BBC Radio Leeds will continue to have its own dedicated local programmes from 6am to 2pm on weekdays, after that time programmes will be

Boundary change consultation brings Middleton back into Leeds Central constituency

Residents in South Leeds can have their say on the latest proposed changes to the Leeds Central parliamentary consituency boundary, which have seen Middleton and Belle Isle brought back into the constiuency. On Tuesday (8 November 2022) the Boundary Commission for England published new revised proposals for constituencies across the

Hilary Benn MP: Boundary changes ‘make no sense’

MP Hilary Benn has said provisional proposals to carve up his Leeds Central contituency at the next general election ‘make no sense’. Boundary Commission proposals  aimed at reducing the total number of Westminster MPs would see the current Leeds Central constituency – which covers much of ‘inner’ south Leeds and other