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Breastfeeding mums get together in the park

Lockdown Babies: Breastfeeding during a pandemic, how South Leeds support services keep going! Pandemics don’t stop babies being born and more than ever more mothers are choosing to breastfeed because of the protection against infections that it offers. But what happens when you need support? We know 8/10 mothers stop

Bosom Buddies offer help with breastfeeding

Last year, seven ladies attended training to become breastfeeding peer supporters, known as Bosom Buddies. The training lasted 10 weeks and was organised through Health for All, assisted by Two Willows and New Bewerley Children’s Centres, and NHS maternity support. They and other peer supporters are now helping mums at

‘Bosom Buddies’ have lots to celebrate

These smiling mums recently received certificates to mark them qualifying as official ‘bosom buddies’. The mums, from Beeston and Middleton,  all breastfed their own babies and successfully completed a course which allows them to support other mums who may need some support. The bosom buddies were awarded their certificates at