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Leeds Autism Services are breaking down barriers

  Next month, April, is Autism Awareness Month and local group Leeds Autism Services (LAS) will be busy getting the message out that autism is something to be understood, not to be frightened of. “Light it up blue” is the slogan and local campaigners in Leeds have persuaded the First

Leeds Arena turn the lights Blue for Autism Awareness Month And Ambers Birthday

  So here’s what’s official – after a couple of phone calls Leeds Arena have agreed to turn the lights blue for autism awareness month! The first day will be 2nd April (autism awareness day)and the second day 20th for Ambers birthday! Event details will be posted soon and hope

My daughter Amber and autism

I would like to tell you about my daughter Amber and highlight that it is Autism Awareness Month, writes Cottingley Hall resident Christine Robinson-Perkins. My daughter Amber is a happy healthy little girl who enjoys music and always sleeps with her favourite teddy Stitch. She enjoys playing outside and particulary bouncing