Leeds Arena turn the lights Blue for Autism Awareness Month And Ambers Birthday


leeds areana

So here’s what’s official – after a couple of phone calls Leeds Arena have agreed to turn the lights blue for autism awareness month!

The first day will be 2nd April (autism awareness day)and the second day 20th for Ambers birthday!

Event details will be posted soon and hope you can join us for this epic show of support.

Update from Karl Wilson 1st February.

Hello Leedsface members! I would like to inform you all of an amazing event
happening here in Leeds.

I work for a charity called Leeds Autism Service
and were spreading autism awareness around Leeds.

April is the national
recognised month for autism awareness and blue is the colour that represents

Our charity and Ambers Autism Awareness have had discussions with
Leeds First Direct Arena who have kindly agreed to help make history for Leeds
with turning the lights blue on 2 days in April.

Also if you are around
Leeds on the 27th March we will be holding a stall in the St John’s Centre to
spread information and also do a little fundraising at the same time, so pop
down of you are free.

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