South Leeds Sports Centre to be demolished?


South Leeds Sports CentreAt its meeting on Wednesday (17th July 2013) the Council’s Executive Board is considering a recommendation to demolish South Leeds Sport Centre as part of a report on the Council’s Derelict and Nuisance Property Programme.

The report notes that the option to transfer the Centre to a local community organisation did not proceed and that while alternative uses have been explored no proposal to use the building as a going concern has resulted. It is estimated that refurbishment of the Centre would cost £4.25m and noted that the average annual deficit during the last two years when it was open averaged £326,000. The demolition will cost approximately £340,000.

The report notes the significant demand for new school places in the area and suggests that the site would prove suitable for a primary school development. South Leeds Life has previously reported on plans for a new primary school on the site.

An appendix to the report lists other properties within the programme and the stage reached. The list includes:

  • Middleton Arms Site  – Has planning permission for a supermarket; monitor for commencement of works.
  • Park Lees Adult Education Site (St Anthony’s Drive, Beeston) – Seek alternative development options.
  • Malvern Public House, Beeston – Discussions are ongoing with the leaseholder about the proposed sub-letting of the property.
  • Doctor’s surgery, 2 Low Grange View, Belle Isle – Enforcement action is underway to resolve the derelict and nuisance issue.  Owner has  submitted planning applications.
  • The Spotted Cow Public House, 86 Top Moor Side, Holbeck,  – Enforcement action is ongoing.  The Council will work with the owner to explore opportunities for commercial uses and residential development on the site.
  • Stank Hall Barn, Dewsbury Road, Beeston – Options are being considered by the Council to determine the most appropriate approach to invest in the property.

4 Replies to “South Leeds Sports Centre to be demolished?”

  1. Good that we have SLL reporting on these issues or we would never know what was happening. Keep up the good work. Missed so much in the past when we may have been able to do something.

    Also do you know about the proposal to knock down the Woodman on Dewsbury Road, near Stanks Barn? It’s been there since early 1800s.Perhaps your reporter could check it out.

  2. Thanks for this, Eve. Yes – an application to demolish the Woodman adjacent to the White Rose Centre has been approved.

    The proposal is to demolish both the petrol filling station site including removal of existing fuel infrastructure and the pub, clearing both sites for redevelopment and replace with a new 24- hour petrol filling station together with a drive through coffee shop.

    According to the Morley Observer – – the development will create 15 new jobs, the coffee shop will be a new Starbucks and will be open in September

  3. SPLASH did its best to try to save the sports centre but without more support from the community in the area it was always struggling in its campaign. The council was determined to close the facility and succeeded. Shame on the council. Use it or lose it seems to be a favourite philosophy these days. Perhaps when the current economic situation changes our future councillors will see the error of their ways and build a new sports centre for Holbeck and Beeston – unfortunately I’ll probably be long gone by then.

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