Cottingley ‘fresh air zone’ launched


Children and parents at Cottingley Academy celebrated the launch of their new “fresh air zone”  yesterday, Monday 15th July 2013.

As part of a project on being healthy, pupils at Cottingley Academy worked with local charity Space2 to create slogans and imagery about being healthy. These have been used to transform the space around the school to create a ‘fresh air zone’.

Parents, carers and local volunteers assisted by Space2 staff have worked hard to tidy the school perimeter and enhance the space using the pupils’ visual imagery, plants and sound-scapes.


The ‘fresh air zone’ was officially opened by Cllr David Congreve who said:

“The Cottingley Fresh Air Belt is a very healthy project that has a positive impact on the health of the pupils.

“It was found that 100% of the pupils exercised regularly and that 82% walked to school each day. It was also reassuring to know that the pupils value healthy eating. The artwork round the school perimeter was an excellent visual presentation to get the message across.

“Space2 organised the project which not only involved the pupils but also staff, parents, carers and local volunteers who all helped in a clean-up and the planting of flower seeds to brighten up the school perimeter”

The decision to enhance the school perimeter came after pupils, parents and carers completed a short health questionnaire, and year 5 pupils at the school worked with Space2 artist Kevin Hickson to create the slogans and imagery. Parents and carers then fed back that they thought using the images to enhance the outdoor space around the school would be beneficial to the community and area.

Dawn Fuller from Space2 said:

“It’s great to have the opportunity to work with children and their community in Cottingley to promote healthy lifestyles and how it can be achieved with small changes. After all, prevention is better than cure.”

The improved and enhanced community space will be used to promote health and well-being and be enjoyed by the families that walk to school each day.

The project has been funded by the public health section of Leeds City Council, Space2 and Arise – a south Leeds partnership of businesses which supports local initiatives.