South Leeds Life hosts local election hustings

As part of our election coverage this year, South Leeds Life is hosting three online hustings meeting next week.

All the candidates standing in the Leeds City Council elections for our three wards have been invited and we would like you to join us. This is your opportunity to put your questions to the candidates and hear what they think about key local issues.

The three meetings will all be held on Zoom as follows:


Beeston & Holbeck Ward

Monday 26 April at 7:30pm

Meeting ID: 873 1557 5399
Passcode: 692225


Hunslet & Riverside Ward

Tuesday 27 April at 7:30pm

Meeting ID: 897 7511 8354
Passcode: 327062


Middleton Park Ward

Wednesday 28 April at 7:30pm

Meeting ID: 845 9823 0249
Passcode: 704676


Each meeting will be co-chaired by two of our Board members: Christine Smart and Linda Meikle.

Please email your question to Please include your full name address and specify which ward meeting you wish to ask your question in. Remember that questions should be in form that can be addressed by every candidate.

Don’t forget that we’ve also invited candidates to submit a short written statement and video – you can read these on our election pages here.


4 Replies to “South Leeds Life hosts local election hustings”

  1. i tried the and it said my question was deliverable so

    Question for the Beeston & Holbeck zoom hustings on Monday 26th April @ 7.30pm

    My question for the candidates is as follows

    Leeds City Council have put forward plans to Barricade the streets of Beeston by establishing 5 separate zone with no interconnectivity between each for;- cars, Police vehicles, Ambulances, Fire & Rescue vehicles, waste collection vehicles and delivery vehicles. They say that this is to create a safer environment. Given that as a result of a freedom of Information Request, it transpires that in 5 years 2015 to 2020, within the proposed blockade area bounded by Crossflatts park, Beeston Road, Old Lane and Dewsbury Road, only one pedestrian was seriously injured and that by “running into the side of a moving car” and only 2 cyclists and 4 pedestrians were slightly injured, do the candidates not think that this response is both excessive, unnecessary and a waste of money?

    Kindest Regards

    Bill Birch

    Resident within the proposed area of Beeston to be subject to the blockade by Leeds City Council’s Low Traffic Neighbourhood scheme

  2. If elected would you put the needs and wellbeing of the local people first or would you blindly follow your party manifesto regardless of the specific requirements of the area.? A lot of residents are constantly confused by good people who love the area and work hard at lots of projects then voting at council meetings against the wishes of the people they are supposed to represent. (like the zone, the planters dividing Beeston -that due to public outcry had to be put on hold, and the design of the cycle lane and segregated bus lane on Dewsbury Road. – I personally would like a council representative who would work for what the area needs and not for what their party say the area will have.

  3. The former Matthew Murray site was supposed to be a proposed site for Leeds United Training ground, which would include access for local children to use, improve what Ingram Road School use as in the grassed area, but now read it’s future is still undecided, if elected would you still vote for the land to be used by Leeds united football ground, or housing as many wanted, if housing then the houses such as ours and others would be affected as the fence would come down, only access would be Brown Lane East, so we would be affected in Ingram Crescent with cars, what would the elected back and would you bring down our fence if housing

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