South Leeds Based Charities Seek Votes To Win £3,000 Each From Lloyds Bank

Gymnastics Hunslet Club
Children & Young People reach their full potential at the Hunslet Club

Two South Leeds based charities are seeking public voting support to win £3,000 each to benefit the local community. The Hunslet Club and the Ciaran Bingham Foundation Trust are lucky enough to have been shortlisted to each win the impressive sum from the Lloyds Bank Community Fund.

If they win, the Hunslet Club would be looking to help grow & develop its team of volunteers to provide sports, arts and youth club activities for  hundreds of children and young people in South Leeds. Whilst the Ciaran Bingham Foundation Trust would help older people live independently for as long as possible in their own homes, making sure meals are delivered at weekends, evenings and bank holidays outside the working hours of other local support agencies.

All anyone needs to do is follow this link to vote for the Hunslet Club in it’s shortlisting group on the banks’ website

& this link for the Ciaran Bingham Foundation Trust

Then just follow the instructions to vote. (Because they are in separate shortlisting groups, both can be voted for.) Simple!

More information about the work of the Hunslet Club can be found on its website here and the Ciaran Bingham Foundation Trust website here. Voting can be done at the website links, by phone text and in Lloyds Bank Branches in the area.

CBFT - Christmas Lunch-4
The Ciaran Bingham Foundation Trust aims to foster community spirit and enhance relationships between the elderly and young in South Leeds

Says Jason Slack at the Hunslet Club:

These kind of public voting competitions give the public very worthwhile causes to choose who to support from, it’s really nice to be able to help charities that may be close to peoples’ hearts in this way as that kind of funding can make a real difference. We just felt it was worth banging the drum a little to say that these two charities are based right here in South Leeds and directly benefit the people of its community, if people felt that was what they would like to support.

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