SDP win again in Middleton Park

Rob Chesterfield made it three out of three for the Social Democratic Party (SDP) in Middleton Park ward as he defeated  the sitting Labour Councillor Sharon Burke by 244 votes in the local council elections which took place yesterday (2 May 2024).

The SDP has now taken all three seats in the ward from Labour over the past three elections. Cllr Rob Chesterfield joins Cllr Wayne Dixon and Cllr Emma Pogson-Golden.

In Hunslet & Riverside ward Omar Mushtaq came within 207 votes of defeating Cllr Mohammed Iqbal as the Green Party pushed Labour hard.

Beeston & Holbeck ward was won comfortably by Shaf Ali for Labour. You can find the full results below.

Reflecting on his win, Cllr Rob Chesterfield (SDP, Middleton Park) told South Leeds Life:

“Until you get the result through you can never take it for granted and I certainly won’t be taking the role as councillor for granted. I will be here to represent the people of Middleton and Belle Isle, their issues are my issues, I live in the area. I’m thrilled to be joining Wayne and Emma to continue their hard work.”

Asked what he thought it meant for Middleton and Belle Isle, he said:

“For so long their concerns and views haven’t been addressed by the previous administration, but with a different voice from a different political party we can speak up on those issues for people. That’s one of the reasons I got into politics, because I didn’t feel that that the councillors at the time were really able to represent the views of the community.”

Cllr Mohammed Iqbal (Labour, Hunslet & Riverside)

Cllr Mohammed Iqbal (Labour, Hunslet & Riverside) commented:

“I’m delighted to win obviously, after 25 years of hard work. I would like to thank my agent, Cllr Paul Wray, and all my team who have helped me in what has been a difficult campaign with some negativity which was uncalled for, but we kept a positive campaign and it’s paid off. Thanks above all to the electors, the people who have placed their trust in me again.”

Cllr Shaf Ali (Labour, Beeston & Holbeck)

Cllr Shaf Ali (Labour, Beeston & Holbeck said:

“I am so happy and the credit goes to my community, residents and people who supported me. Now I am a councillor, I am a councillor for every single resident who lives in Beeston, Holbeck and Cottingley. I’ll be there for everyone, if you’ve got any issues, any problems get in touch.”

Overall, Labour lost four seats on the Council, and gained four and retain control with 61 of the 99 councillors.

Beeston & Holbeck Ward

Labour Party HOLD
Elected: ALI Shaf

Candidate Description Votes
ALI Shaf Labour Party 2,533
CHANDLER Bradley Kenneth The Conservative Party Candidate 572
FULTON Louie Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 113
ROGAN Matt Green Party 1,092
SYKES George Liberal Democrats 226
WATSON Sasha Social Democratic Party 247
Electorate: 18,645
Turnout: 25.9%
Spoilt ballots: 49


Hunslet & Riverside Ward

Labour and Co-operative Party HOLD
Elected: IQBAL Mohammed

Candidate Description Votes
DALE Benjamin Thomas Hanley Liberal Democrats 185
DUNCAN Oisín Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition 43
IQBAL Mohammed Labour and Co-operative Party 2,274
KOVACS Tamas The Conservative Party Candidate 247
MUSHTAQ Omar Green Party 2,067
WHETSTONE Daniel Paul Social Democratic Party 107
Electorate: 17,432
Turnout: 28.5%
Spoilt ballots: 42


Middleton Park Ward

Social Democratic Party GAIN

Candidate Description Votes
ADEYEMI Samson Roberts The Conservative Party Candidate 332
BURKE Sharon Labour Party 1,638
CHESTERFIELD Rob Social Democratic Party 1,882
FOLLOWS Michael Scott Liberal Democrats 139
GILL Julie Green Party 402
Electorate: 19,907
Turnout: 22.2%
Spoilt ballots: 30


Main photo: Cllr Rob Chesterfield (SDP, Middleton Park) flanked by ward collegues Cllr Wayne Dixon and Cllr Emma Pogson-Golden


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