Public consultation into Leeds statues begins

Public consultation as part of a review of statues and monuments in Leeds is now underway.

The review first announced last month will seek views and recommendations on how the city could better honour and represent inclusivity and diversity in public spaces, particularly in response to issues raised by the Black Lives Matter movement.

From today, public views and comments are being sought. Further information about the scope of the review can be found at with any comments to be emailed to

The review is independent from Leeds City Council and is chaired by Honorary Alderwoman Alison Lowe, who was the first female black city councillor in Leeds serving from 1990 to 2019. Honorary Alderwoman Lowe will be supported in carrying out the review by a group of people with historical expertise including from Leeds Civic Trust and higher education institutions in Leeds.

An initial inventory of statues in Leeds has been shared and the review is seeking views on them, as well as views on how to better portray, interpret and celebrate Leeds and its history.

Aspects to be considered as part of the consultation and review include the importance and significance of specific statues to Leeds, any concerns about individuals currently represented, and the best ways to explain the historical context of statues through information boards for instance. Honorary Alderwoman Lowe is also interested to hear about any individuals or groups that are considered to be noticeably absent (although the review will not be itself recommending named individuals to be honoured), and how Leeds can best honour and represent significant individuals or groups in future.

Public consultation will run until Friday 31 July 2020, with a report and recommendations expected to be published and presented to Leeds City Council for consideration in the autumn.

Chair of the independent review Honorary Alderwoman Alison Lowe said:

“As a historian myself I am delighted to have been asked to chair this review and have already discovered new facets of the history of Leeds and its people through our early investigations. In order to complete the review I urge people to get involved so that all voices can be heard. I look forward to seeing and hearing all the responses.”

Leader of Leeds City Council and executive member for culture and the economy Councillor Judith Blake said:

“As was promised when this review was commissioned last month, we want as many people as possible to give us their thoughts and views on these issues. We look forward to seeing the report by Alison and her colleagues and considering how to move forward in a positive way that represents the modern, diverse multicultural city of Leeds which we are all proud of.”

For more information on the review go to


This post is based on a press release issued by Leeds City Council

Photo: Statue of Queen Victoria on Woodhouse Moor by Tim Green via Creative Commons


4 Replies to “Public consultation into Leeds statues begins”

  1. Most of these statues represent how Leeds is were it is today move these and your removing history New people settling here need to respect this! yes add New statues to reflect diversity and add who is helping Leeds to be a great place and city it is.
    The only one I would replace is the Queen Victoria it has no place in our city.

  2. Our history is what it says Out History, by taking down statues and blue plagues is paramount to book burning, something the Nazi did and ISIS do today, it is not up to Leeds City Councillors to decide what stays and what goes as to our heratage because it upsets a few snowflakes that are useing the situation we are in to try and make political gains, BLM need to be aware that there are forces useing their campaign for their own ends to try and unsettle and badger the establishment, Councillors need to remember they represent all off the citizens of Leeds and not a few chosen groups where with underhand actions they can buy votes to keep themselves or their parties in Power.

  3. Will you please explain what your version of ‘independent review’ is? I really have trouble trusting LCC they are not renowned for honesty. Why are you wasting taxpayers money on something that is not urgent. You stated a few weeks ago that you were millions of pounds in debt! I think you should spend the money on services and the people of Leeds. Labour has never been good at managing money and I guess it is too late for them now. We have had to tighten our belts they should have a steep learning curve and do the same.

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