Winstons applies for an alcohol licence again

The owners of Winstons Health and Leisure on Dewsbury Road in Beeston, described as a “brothel” by West Yorkshire Police three years ago, have applied for a licence to sell alcohol.

This will be the fourth attempt to get such a licence. The last application, made by DRH Health Ltd in 2017 was rejected by Councillors following a hearing of the Licensing Sub Committee and a site visit by Councillors.

The current application, if granted, would see the club selling alcohol from 10am to 2am seven days a week. The licence would also allow the showing of films, holding sporting events, playing live and recorded music, dance and similar activities on the premises.

You can comment on the application, either in support or against, via the Council’s website by clicking here  Comments close tomorrow (Thursday 16 July 2020).

Hunslet & Riverside Ward Councillors Paul Wray, Elizabeth Nash and Mohammed Iqbal have opposed the application stating:

“We wish to object to the Licensing Application made for this premises. The application for this premises is not in keeping with the licensing objectives or other policies here in Leeds. We have made this judgement based on the fact the location isn’t suitable for a site to serve alcoholic drinks at any time of day. This site is close to residential accommodation on Dewsbury Road, Middleton Crescent, Garnet Road, Oakley View and the Woodviews.

“Dewsbury Road itself is a major traffic route for people, including children travelling to and from Beeston. The opening hours requested mean that children will be passing at numerous times during the day when alcohol is being served.

“They could therefore be forced to interact with numerous people exiting the venue under the influence of alcohol, leading to the possibility of viewing disorder or becoming a victims of alcohol related crime. Any crime or disorder that occurs would have a significant impact on the local communities, especially due to the level of pedestrian use of the footpath in front of the venue and the passing traffic on the road. The public, especially the community living around the location could find themselves having to deal with numerous instances of nuisances and disorder caused by people leaving the venue. This section of Dewsbury Road may have a night-time economy but it not based around provision of late night.

“We also have concerns for the safety of staff within the venue as the current tenants business includes actives such as personal massage. Alcohol consumption by customers could mean an increased danger to staff due to the reduced in-habitations and self-control of those customers who have had a drink.

“We also note an outright objection from West Yorkshire Police, which we support.

“Therefore we feel the provision of alcohol at any time during the day and specifically the application periods in question will lead to an unacceptable public nuisance, the creation of crime and disorder to both the venue staff and the public.

“We therefore object to this application outright.”