Police seize two vehicles in Beeston last night

Police seized two vehicles in separate incidents in Beeston last night (18 March 2021)

Officers on patrol in the Beeston area stopped a VW Golf due to the MOT being two months out of date. Following checks it transpired the tax was also two months out of date and the driver had no insurance. The driver was reported and the vehicle seized.

Earlier in the evening Police received a call from a member of the public about a red Mini being driven dangerously by what appeared to be young teenagers. PCSOs on patrol in the area quickly resonded and seized the vehicle after several youngsters ran away from it.


3 Replies to “Police seize two vehicles in Beeston last night”

  1. Why do some people think they have the right to drive untaxed cars without a MOT and probably no insurance ? While others think they can drive round far too fast and be in danger of causing a accident

    1. That’s our society toady people and others in power turn there heads to such I’m 70yrs old and in many people’s mind it’s shut up you old person Take care all and pls have the covi19 jabs te

  2. The authorities never come down hard enough on those who drive cars uninsured and untaxed, and possibly without a license. Making a real example of such idiots could go a long way towards making them think again and our roads safer. Small fines, points and a talking to doesn’t work any more. Throw the book at them! The standard of driving these days is terrible and Beeston is no different!

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