Pathways for positivity: Mindfulness Bingo!

How many of these simple mindful ideas can you do this month to boost your wellbeing?

Read or listen to a book that is totally different to your usual style. Before you go to sleep, either write down, or think about the 5 best things to happen that day. Deliberately welcome the sunrise/ sunset. Eat seasonal fruit or vegetables in a recipe you’ve never tried before.
Have a family night off the technology. Dig out an old board game or a pack of cards instead. De-clutter your home of last season’s things you no longer want or need. Donate to charity, gift or resell them. Sit quietly for 10 minutes (daily if you can) Focus on your breathing. Steadily in through your nose, out through your mouth. Make the most of the lighter nights. Take an evening stroll instead of sitting in front of the TV (Yes, this is a note to self!)
When you wake up, hit snooze for five minutes. use those five minutes to send loving thoughts to someone you care about. Enjoy local parks and greenspaces. Look out for community events. Make time for mindful conversations. Give the person you’re with your full, undivided attention. Simply listen without interruption or distraction. Appreciate your feet!  Take some time to thank your feet for all the hard work they do with a pedicure and massage.
Mindful meals. Eat at least one meal a day without focusing on something else, tv, phone, gaming etc. Chew more slowly and savour the taste. Look into your own eyes in the mirror for at least a minute, then say something nice. It might feel weird at first, but give it a try. Cuddles are great for lowering stress, anxiety and worry. They also boost your happy hormones, so give and receive as many hugs and cuddles as you can! Wild Card – Do something that makes you feel special.


Shannon Humphrey is a Youth and Adult First Aid for Mental Health Instructor working with educational, corporate and private clients.

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