Our new Twitter avatar

We thought it was about time to change our Twitter avatar – that’s the little picture that appears next to each “tweet”. When we started the account, we looked through a lot of images from South Leeds and looked for something iconic. We chose an image of the water tower at Middleton. It’s on the top of the hill, it’s on the ring road – I’m sure you know it.

We got some good feedback when we launched it “isn’t that Middleton Water Tower?” people said. Then I got a job collecting and delivering second hand furniture around Leeds. Guess what? There are other water towers in Leeds: in Garforth, Holt Park and on Harrogate Road to name three. And more to the point, they are all identical.

The water tower was still iconic, but not unique. There followed a long think about how to represent South Leeds in one photo.

In the end we chose this image: recognise it? It is the new(ish) footbridge over the M621 that joins Hunslet and Beeston.

Well it is unique, I think it’s a quite iconic, but does it say South Leeds?

What image do you think we should use? Should we change it regularly?

Use the comments section to tell us what you think or send your photos to us at southleedslife@gmail.com.


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