Off Road Police Bike Team seize scooter

On Sunday 12 July the Off Road Bike Team attended an assistance call from a PCSO in Bodmina area of Middleton.
The rider of the above scooter had ridden at the PCSO narrowly missing them.
On the team’s arrival the scooter was sighted and the rider made a poor attempt at trying to evade us by going off road.
The rider quickly realised their lack of ability and abandoned the bike jumping through thorns to get away.
However their escape did not last long as the next morning they were awoken from their slumber and arrested.

The bike was seized as suspected stolen and CPS advice is being sought for dangerous driving amongst other offences.

2 Replies to “Off Road Police Bike Team seize scooter”

  1. Pleased to read a off road bike taken away . Are quad bikes permitted on roads ? On a few occasions quad bikes have been seen on Dewsbury Road in the cross flats park area. Drivers not wearing crash helmets either .

  2. Regarding improper use of a manual wheelchair —- today 20th July at 11 30am saw a idiot man using his manual wheelchair ON the A61 motorway heading towards a road which would take him towards Hunslet Road !!!!!!! Cars were going past him sounding car horns at him , I was in a car travelling in opposite direction. What in the world was he doing on the motorway ???? No path way at the side of this road section . His right leg had obviously been amputated at some point in the past , no one was with him . Hope he was spotted on a traffic camera and taken off this motorway ASAP. .

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