New Travellers camp on Hunslet Moor

A group of Travellers this week (31 October 2017) established an informal encampment on Hunslet Moor at the bottom end of Dewsbury Road. The all-age encampment – made up of 14 caravans – has raised concerns locally, but is in good order at the time of writing.

The non-authorised Travellers camp on Hunslet Moor this week

Local residents have expressed misgivings including allegations that the group forced entry onto the park, and about flytipping. But others have spoken with the Travellers, and expressed support for them – as long as their impact on the park and local area is minimal.

A spokesperson for Leeds City Council confirmed that they have visited the camp, and commented:

“We are following due process, and waiting for a court date. To date, we have not received any complaints – however, as the area does see a heavy footfall of local people, we need to progress with action accordingly. The site will be monitored by ourselves, West Yorkshire Police, and waste collections.”

For more about Travellers, read last year’s South Leeds Life feature article here. For more info on and contact details for the Leeds Travellers Service, who manage both authorised and non-authorised encampments in the city, click here. For more on the small local ‘Friends of Hunslet Moor’ group, including how to get involved with the management of the park, click here.


5 Replies to “New Travellers camp on Hunslet Moor”

  1. Allow them to stay. Further develop sites with facilities for anyone travelling. They are a recognised ethnic minority. Let’s oppose any racism against them.

  2. A neighbour of mine was asked for some water “for the babies bottle” by one of the camp members . Upon spotting her outside tap the request for a larger volume of water was made where a large 10 gallon drum was brought out from the car. My neighbour advised she was on a water meter and that it would not be possible to offer anymore water. Unfortunately both our front gardens were visited during small hours – could be a co-incidence , however, for peace of mind our outside taps are now closed off.

  3. Just watched one of there cars spinning round on the football pitch
    Churning up the grass

  4. Difficult to have anything but absolute contempt for the particular group that saw fit to turn burn one caravan to the ground. The state of the field is a disgrace , despite them being furnished with a skip . Our council tax payments will clear that mess up . Next time a group turn up I will be registering a complaint immediately – Karen, Iam against racism in any form , but its extremely hard to think this particular group are anything but the stereotype .

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