New council house plans for the Garnets

Garnets 1Plans for new houses at the Garnets in Beeston will be go on show at a consultation event to be held on Tuesday 20 January 2015.

South Leeds Life understands the council plans to build 25 two and three bedroom homes with gardens for rent to replace the 150 back to back houses that were demolished two years ago.

Some residents have expressed a desire for a communal garden space, but Councillor Patrick Davy disagrees:

“Whilst this ward needs more green space, it desperately needs new housing, particularly family housing with gardens. I do have concerns that 150 houses were demolished and the net result is that we have 125 fewer homes than previous, though admittedly better. I would not therefore support the dilution of this number any further by the provision of community green space.”

Local residents have been invited to the drop in event takes place at The Vale Circles Centre (formerly Tunstall Road Community Centre) on Tuesday 20 January between 4-7pm. The plans and a feedback form will also be available at the Dewsbury Road One Stop Centre on the 21 and 22 January 2015.

3 Replies to “New council house plans for the Garnets”

  1. It’s really disappointing to see the (pretty modest) proposal by the local residents for a green space dismissed out of hand by the councillors. Of course creating new housing is a priority for the city – but let’s not just squeeze houses and people in willy nilly.

    To include a nice bit of green, communal space would potentially really improve the lived experience of residents there – both current and incoming. We’re pretty packed-in here in Beeston Hill, and small patches of land can make all the difference. For instance, the Garnets residents hosted a fantastic little bonfire party on the empty land last November – one of the best community events I’ve ever been part of. It’d be a real shame to squash all chance of events like that in the future, rob the kids of space to play, etc.

    So the residents are trying to mobilise to save some of the space (whilst accepting that there will some houses built) – but are really annoyed that the councillors haven’t even been willing to meet or talk with them. I gather too that Leeds Federated Housing have weighed in in support of the locals – but again, it seems like no-one’s (yet) listening. Maybe this week’s consultation event will change that.

    Once again, on another local issue, it seems that the councillors are just very out of touch. Maybe it’s inevitable: they live miles away in leafy north Leeds (eg Patrick lives in Bramhope, a countryside village near Otley), so I guess they don’t really understand life down here in south Leeds.

    Some of the councillors in other wards of south Leeds do live locally – and it makes a huge difference. They know their communities, they’re available, and they’re working with local people to effect change.

  2. Perhaps Mr Davey ought to take the views of his residents on board more often and be more visible within the area.

    It’s not so long back he was the subject of a poster campaign in the area, asking where he’s been since he got elected.

    If locals want a green space, and a builder wants to throw up some houses – have a vote in the local community, and make the outcome binding.

  3. When are they going to start building the houses for this regeneration scheme? And when will they expecting to complete the project? Thank you.

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