South Leeds Roundup: parties, plans and personal bests

Happy New Year! Here’s your regular roundup of what’s making South Leeds tick on other websites, blogs and across Facebook and Twitter.

We start this week at Holbeck Working Men’s Club, or The Holbeck as we must learn to call it, and their New Year’s Eve party. The club has posted lots of photos from looks to have been a memorable night. We particularly like the fact that many of the photos are slightly out of focus, just like the revellers!

The Holbeck NYE

Holbeck also featured in the national Third Sector magazine which reported on the development of the Holbeck Neighbourhood Plan.

Meanwhile the Beeston Neighbourhood Plan reports that it has been given ‘designation’ by Leeds City Council. The forum that will shape the plan will begin meeting in due course.

We seem to have lots of runners in South Leeds and a few of them blog, tweet and do all manner of modern digital things. Running seems to linked to numbers – recording your runs, celebrating your PB (personal best). Ewan Mitchell (Run Sancho Run) and Mike Wallis (Backwards Lion) both supply annual reviews in two parts, although Mike’s second blog is about his 40th birthday bucket list which he sums up as “I did some stuff, and failed to do some stuff, and some other stuff was thrust upon me.”

Ewan’s also resuscitated his Tonight’s Menu food blog to write about Moroccan Vegetable Stew. Mmmm.

Our third runner Debs Davies (Rosietints) has had a cold and reflected on her overall health since taking fitness and diet seriously in 2014.

The next item is for Ewan, Mike and Debs and the many other runners who read this blog, not to mention anyone thinking of taking up running. Run Leeds are holding a competition with the Up & Running shop. For a chance of winning a £100 voucher just follow this link:

Another local blogger John Cockburn looks at the inequality between alleged perpetrator and victim in sexual exploitation cases on his What Can I Do About It? blog.

On his Leeds Guardian blog, John Baron reports from the Council press conference about site allocations for an extra 66,000 homes to be built in the city. According to John “Armley, Beeston Hill, Belle Isle, Gipton, Harehills, Hyde Park, Woodhouse, Hunslet, Seacroft will bear the brunt.”

The excellent Men In Sheds project in Holbeck has started a blog and report on a recent visit by Made In Leeds the new Leeds TV channel (Freeview 8, Sky 177, Virgin 159).

A reminder that Hilary Benn MP will be the speaker at Beeston Community Forum on Thursday (8 January 2015). The meeting is at Beeston Village Community Centre starting at 7:30pm.

The Inner South Community Policing Team has issued an e-fit of a man they would like to talk to about an attempted robbery in Holbeck. They have also been busy tackling anti-social behaviour in Middleton, including seizing a motorbike that was causing trouble on the Bodmin plantation.

And finally, do you fancy being a volunteer officer at Skelton Grange Environment Centre? Past volunteers have gone on to get jobs in the field (geddit?). They have also published dated for their ever popular Bushcraft days for 2015.