South Leeds Roundup: Crews, coats and careers

Here’s your regular roundup of what’s making South Leeds tick on other websites, blogs and across Facebook and Twitter.

We start this week at the Watsonian Pavilion in Cross Flatts Park, Beeston. Every Tuesday at 4:30pm DAZL hold a dance class for 6-12 year old girls and boys. Momentum is building for the DAZL Xplode class, why not go along and join the Beeston Street Crew!

If one of your New year’s resolutions was to get fitter have you considered the Trailblazer Boot Camp at Middleton Park? It takes place on the floodlit courts in the park every Tuesday evening from 6:45pm. They posted a great video on the Middleton Facebook group.

If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to download a copy of the HEA (Holbeck Elderly Aid) winter newsletter from their website. You’ll find details of all their regular activities and upcoming trips.

Hunslet-based recycling charity SLATE have going into the movie business. Following their lovely Christmas video they have produced another showing what they do and why. It’s a great look behind the scenes of a great little charity.

Another great local organisation is The Shine Project which works with girls in South Leeds. If you want to find out how they do this and what they get up to, this round up of 2016 post is a good place to start.

Meanwhile the Shine Nail Bar, the social enterprise that supports the project, has made it into Scratch Magazine. Apparently this is like the Vogue of the nail world.

Bumps and Babes have tweeted that their Active Mums classes at Tenants Hall in Middleton have restarted after the Christmas break. The free classes for pregnant and new mums take place every Tuesday at 11:45am.

Another group that’s back is the Beeston Craft Café. They meet every Wednesday morning at the Church of the Nazarene on Hunslet Hall Road.

Do you have any spare coats and blankets you no longer need? Housing Leeds are collecting items at their offices to help everyone wrap up for winter.

The Friends of Hunslet Moor are holding an action day on Saturday (14 January). Meet at 10am at the children’s playground if you can help, all tools will be provided.

If you use Cross Flatts Park academics at Leeds University would like to talk to you. In exchange for a 30-45 minute interview about your experiences and views of the park they are offing a £15 gift voucher.

If you are interested in a career in the Police check out the Inner South Community Policing Team page. West Yorkshire Police are currently recruiting Police officers, PCSOs and Specials.

Would you like a free breakfast with Peppa Pig? That’s what’s on offer at Belle Isle Family Centre on Friday 20 January. There are limited spaces so make sure you book.

And finally, Save Our Beeston have been at it again. After a burglar removed a little boy’s Christmas presents, members of the group quickly rallied round and raised £450 to replace them.