More plastic items can go in your green recycling bin

From today (15 November 2019) South Leeds residents can recycle even more types of plastic in their green recycling bin.

Leeds City Council’s waste service is now able to accept most pots, tubs, trays and cartons in the green bin. Common examples include fruit juice cartons, yoghurt pots, ice-cream/butter/margarine tubs and clear plastic trays for meat, fruit and vegetables.

Previously only type 1, 2 and 4 plastics were accepted, but now type 5 plastic can also be recycled so long as it’s a clear plastic. Brown and black microwave meal trays are unsuitable because they contain mixed materials. Tetrapak juice cartons can also be recycled via the green bin too. Please rinse out and squash flat.

More information on what can now be recycled can be seen at

In the last year, around 30,000 tonnes of recyclable material was collected from Leeds households through green bins. However, there are still around 9,500 tonnes of all recyclable plastics and cartons being placed in black bins, and residents are now being asked to put these in green bins instead so they can be recycled. The level of difference this can make in terms of extra recyclable material equates to the weight of more than 750 double decker buses.

Leeds City Council executive member for environment and active lifestyles Councillor Mohammed Rafique said:

“Leeds City Council declared a climate emergency in March and is committed to recycling as much as possible. Potentially we can increase the amount of recyclable material we collect by nearly a third.

“We want to help residents recycle as much as they can through their green bin by accepting more of the common types of plastics used in households, and would encourage everyone in Leeds to work together with us to boost recycling rates.

“We would also advise Leeds residents to use the popular and handy free Leeds Bins App to remind them of their bin collection days so they don’t miss it.”


This post is based on a press release issued by Leeds City Council