Campaign to make the South Bank development work for South Leeds

Leeds Citizens members from South Leeds will launch “South Bank for South Leeds” on Monday 25 November at 6pm at The Holbeck club.

As the city centre begins to expand into what will be known as the South Bank (currently parts of Holbeck and Hunslet), it is easy for the people of South Leeds to feel disconnected and even disillusioned by the developments with many feeling that the offices and flats being built are “not for them.”

Leeds Citizens “South Bank for South Leeds” is a campaign aimed at making sure that the Southbank is something that has a tangible, positive impact across South Leeds. The campaign hopes to establish a direct working relationship between the property developers investing in the South Bank, and South Leeds communities, with the Commercial Estates Group (CEG) being the first developer to be approached.

During the campaign, ordinary people will be supported by Leeds Citizens member organisations to share their ideas for how the developers and the community could work together for the common good of the area – and how the developers could do business in a way which brings real benefits in South Leeds communities.

As part of the campaign, Leeds Citizens members will visit other cities around the UK to gain inspiration from community groups who have worked together to secure large benefits from big developments. In East London, organised community action meant that thousands of jobs for local people were created as part of the Olympic Legacy in Stratford. Are similar things possible in South Leeds?

South Bank for South Leeds is a bold ambition – to bring the communities of South Leeds together to work with business and civic leaders in South Leeds so that what we see growing in the South Bank isn’t just “ivory towers.” If the campaign should be successful, it will mean that instead of just being a buzzword, “inclusive growth” becomes a reality for people in Beeston, Holbeck, Hunslet, Cottingley and the other surrounding areas of South Leeds, as they see new opportunities and changes created.

The Holbeck club is located at Jenkinson Lawn, LS11 9QX


This post was written by Lindsey Pearson

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Photo: Model of Vastint’s planned deveopment of the Tetley Brewery site (Jeremy Morton)