General election 2019: candidates announced

Nominations for candidates standing in the General Elections have closed today (14 November 2019) and the list of candidates has been published. LS10 and LS11 sit within the Leeds Central constituency, represented since 1999 by Hilary Benn for Labour.

The candidates are as follows:

BENN, Hilary – Labour Party

CARLISLE, Ed – Green Party

CLOUSTON, William – Social Democratic Party

FORTUNE, Peter – The Conservative Party Candidate

HOLLAND, Jack – Liberal Democrats

THOMAS, Paul – Brexit Party

South Leeds Life will be inviting all the candidates to state their reasons for standing

Voting takes place on Thursday 12 December. In order to vote you must be on the electoral register by Tuesday 26 November.

If you are already registered to vote you do not need to re-register. If you do need to register you must now do this online here: You will need your National Insurance number and the process only takes a few minutes.

Polling cards, which include detail of which polling station you must use have been sent out to people registered before 1 November. A second batch will be sent out on 2 December. You can still vote if you do not have a poll card, or don’t take it to the polling station, so long as you are registered.

The deadline to register for a postal vote is 26 November at 5pm.

The deadline to register for a proxy vote, where someone attends the polling station on your behalf, is 4 December at 5pm.


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