Middleton traders join forces to improve shopping experience


Town Team 2013A
Pictured (from left) LCC Deputy Leader Cllr Judith Blake, Cllr Kim Groves, Samaira Arshad (Topstyle) Sarah Egan & Lisa Crossley (Wynsors World of Shoes) & Phil Barr (Town Team Chair)

A helping hand for Middleton and Belle Isle trading areas has arrived thanks to a new alliance of traders and local stakeholders. Middleton Park Councillors have worked with local businesses and stakeholders to form the Middleton Town Team.

Big and small businesses, the general public, property owners and the Council have come together to pool resources to fund improvements to the Middleton District Shopping Centre in order to attract new businesses and customers. It is hoped that this will help to create local jobs for the residents of Middleton and improve the economy of the area. The group have begun to apply for grants from the Government and private organisations to fund the improvements.

Councillors have been working hard with the Town Team to expand their remit so they can work with other businesses and shopping centres throughout Belle Isle and Middleton. Young people are also helping out and have been asked to offer their ideas about what the younger generations want out of their shopping venues.

The Councillors believe that the Team will help to improve local shopping and help give the spark that is needed to boost the local economy.

Councillor Kim Groves (Founding Member of Middleton Town Team) said:

“Middleton Town Team is a fantastic idea and it demonstrates the importance of businesses and stakeholders supporting each other to improve the local economy and enhance the shopping experience.

“In these difficult times it is important that we do all we can to help struggling businesses so we avoid an increase in empty shop units, which costs jobs and pushes shoppers towards the big out-of-town complexes. By working together the Town Team will be able to attract investment to improve Middleton District Shopping Centre and other local shopping venues.

“My colleagues and I believe this will deliver fantastic improvements and other areas of the city should do the same to protect local jobs and businesses.”

Phil Barr (Town Team Chair and Regional Manager for The Co-operative Funeralcare) said:

“The team has been formed to improve the neighbourhood shopping centres for the benefit of stakeholders such as the general public, property owners, small shops, supermarket giants, other businesses and the Council. The group aims to hear viewpoints from the private and public sectors and develop ways for best delivery of improvements.

“Currently a student is working with us to ensure Middleton District Shopping Centre gets a new look. We are currently seeking support from interested parties and anyone reading this article is welcome to contact me to ensure their views are taken into consideration.”

3 Replies to “Middleton traders join forces to improve shopping experience”

  1. More local shops should have community noticeboards I think.I’ve hoofed it around South Leeds before with posters for community events, some shops are welcoming, ask what the events about, even offer to support or be part of it, others either look at you like you are the dirt beneath their feet or take the poster, say they’ll put it up and never do.

    Sure you’ve got to display things in a way that’s appropriate for your premises and your own sales literature takes precedence. But a business that wants support from the community should be willing to let that support swing back the other way too. I know which establishments I’m more warm to when out and about.

  2. Hate that term “stakeholders”….another useless word brought from America that’s too often used by people who talk rubbish

  3. Do they think sticking up some pointless boards are going to help? I notice ‘they’ don’t take a picture on the one covered with milkshake. Who owns the district centre (side note what a terrible name – St George’s or Middleton Park would be better), if it’s the council you should’ve been looking after it better – cleaning, planting, resurface, new entrances etc. If it is private let them do it. I can only see one empty unit, that doesn’t seem too bad. If the shops there want to attract more custom then should raise their game and products they sell. I’ve heard one shop worker swearing. Not what I expect when people are after my cash. Can’t wait for Starbucks to move in!

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