Falconry display in Middleton Park – Slideshow


Friends of Middleton Park organised SMJ Falconry to give a display of various Birds of Prey, in Middleton Park on Sunday afternoon (11th August 2013).


The public were allowed to photograph the Birds, (no flash) and later there was a flying display.

I arrived at 2pm, the start of the display. Already a steady stream of families were there and coming down the footpath up to the Visitor Centre. I did an estimate of how many people were there, my guess would be between 50 and 70. I’m sure many turned up later.

The SMJ staff allowed many little children (and big ones too!) to have a Bird of Prey on their arm, then parents took photographs of them. The look on the children’s faces, said it all.

I finished by having a cup of coffee and a chocolate bun (not really allowed), at the Visitors Centre.

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