Middleton Primary pupils celebrate diversity

Middleton Primary School has been celebrating diversity and inclusion for the last fortnight. Teaching Assistant Nichola Stanhope told us more:

“We took a fortnight out of our timetable to teach our children all about the different ways families are made up and how we should embrace diversity within our communities. All year groups were tasked with developing their biggest end outcome and they didn’t disappoint!

“We eased into the fortnight with an explanation of what would be included in our activities and how important it is to celebrate the diversity we have within school. The children really enjoyed the ‘Love Has No Labels’ video and really began to embrace the clear message that, regardless of gender, age or disability, LOVE HAS NO LABELS!

“The children at Middleton Primary School all had a fantastic fortnight creating some amazing work to show around school to remind us that we are diverse, we are inclusive and we celebrate everyone!”


2 Replies to “Middleton Primary pupils celebrate diversity”

  1. Well done Middleton primary School , this is where it starts , children need educating about this at a young age .

  2. What a great event Should see events like this in all primary schools.

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