Looking for help to find work? Over 25? See Remploy at The GATE

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Looking for help to find work? Over 25?

Remploy will be at the GATE on Thursday 18 October from 2-3:30pm as part of the Job Club.

Remploy is a free service. They can:

  • get you a 1:1 advisor who could meet you each week at the GATE
  • help with your CV
  • arrange work experience
  • pay bus fares for Interviews
  • pay bus fares to get you to work until you get your first pay

They may be able to pay for interview clothes.

Their support is for up to 12 months and they can also support you if you have any problems when you start work.

They have good contacts for jobs in areas like retail, security, warehouses, cleaning and driving.

If you can’t come on Tuesday you can ring Remploy on 07584 203130.

BITMOs GATE is located at Aberfield Gate, off Belle Isle Road, LS10 3QH. For more information call (0113) 378 2190 or email gate@belleisletmo.co.uk




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