Aphasia Cafe at BITMOs GATE

Belle Isle TMO
Aphasia is a condition that may occur after a brain injury, and most commonly from a stroke and particularly in older people. Aphasia may affect the way a person speaks and understands speech, as well as their ability to read or write.

Here at BITMO’s GATE, we host a FREE Aphasia Cafe run by Speak with IT. The next Aphasia Cafe sessions are on:

– Tuesday 30 October;
– Tuesday 27 November;
– Tuesday 18 December;
and then the third Tuesday of every month.



If you or someone you know has been affected by Aphasia, contact Speak With IT for support, information, help and advice; visit www.speakwithit.org or call 01924 888608.

BITMOs GATE is located at Aberfield Gate, off Belle Isle Road, LS10 3QH. For more information call (0113) 378 2190 or email gate@belleisletmo.co.uk