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Sophie Bevan has been in touch with news from South Leeds Music Centre:

The South Leeds Music Centre provides low cost music tuition to players of all ages and abilities.  We aim to make learning fun for everyone, and to give something back to our community through live concerts and public performances.

We currently offer tuition on drums, guitar, keyboard, singing, woodwind and strings, as well as specialist classes for under 8s. We also have a wide range of ensembles and bands, and a mid-week community orchestra in Morley (the Morley Community Orchestra). If there’s anything you would like to learn that we don’t currently teach, just ask! We are adding new classes throughout the year.

We aim to provide a first start- to give everyone who wants to try an instrument the opportunity to do that. Our classes cover the basics of playing their instrument, reading music and performance.  The music centre is a good opportunity to enhance skills learnt in school music lessons, and to learn new skills from working with new people.

SLMC concert in Morley

We are trialling song writing and beatboxing classes in September, with a live performance in Leeds planned for early December.  These classes are designed with under 14s in mind, and start at the end of September.

We have a music technology project starting at the South Leeds Youth Hub on Middleton Road, Belle Isle, LS10 3JA. This project start in Early September, and will be working with mac computers and music technology software.

So why learn a musical instrument?
Its never too early or late to start playing a musical instrument, and there are plenty of good reasons to give it a try:

Music makes you think
It’s not just about learning notes and rhythms (which is a similar process to learning a language), you learn about the history of the music you’re learning, about working in groups, about supporting and influencing other people…the list is endless!

The sense of achievement
Even if you’re just starting to learn, being able to play something your friends and family recognise is a great experience! With a bit of practice, you will be able to play your favourite songs, and to create some of your own!

…and Playing A Musical Instrument is Fun!
You’ll make new friends, learn new skills and will have the chance to perform for people all over Leeds.

If you would like to visit SLMC or the MCO, please get in touch. Your first lesson is free if you mention South Leeds Life when you visit!

Telephone: 07545 603 954 or: 0113 230 4074
Email: southleedsmusiccentre@hotmail.co.uk

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