Olympic Inspired Volunteers Sought At The Hunslet Club

The Hunslet Club is appealing to people in South Leeds who have been inspired by the success of the Olympics to join it’s winning team of volunteers to help grow and develop the champions of the future.

Hunslet Club Members Hold An Olympic Torch
Could you be part of the Olympic legacy to inspire their generation?

Jason Slack at the club explains: “The Olympics has been a been a phenomenal success for Great Britain and in particular Yorkshire with so many medals coming from this county. Over 70,000 people volunteered to help the games happen in London, it would be wonderful if people now came forward and volunteered in their community to help with the games legacy of inspiring a generation.”

Nicola Adams, now a national hero as the first womens’ boxing Olympic gold medalist hailed from Burmantofts and in the boxing gym at the Hunslet Club you will find a new generation of children and young people hoping to emulate her success. 

The friendly, open to all club also has an ever growing football section, very popular gymnastics classes on Saturdays, recently launched rugby sessions for juniors and special sports groups for pre-school age children. Alongside youth clubs, dance & performing arts groups the club attracted a membership of over 2,500 over the last year, making it one of the top five largest youth clubs in the country.

Without volunteers helping out, the club couldn’t carry out much of this invaluable work, giving children and young people the chance to enjoy sport, arts and fun and the chance to be champions in what they do. 

Experience isn’t always neccessary as training can be provided, volunteering is a great way of developing your skills, improving your health, having fun and making new friends

To find out more about how your skills, enthusiasm and commitment could be put to good use, email friends@hunsletclub.org.uk and we can arrange to meet you to discuss further.


This short film is about one of the clubs’ session coaches, could you too be part of the winning team that helps run things smoothly?