Join the Holbeck Heritage Trail

Join us on Thursday (8 September 2016) at 11am to begin the new Holbeck Heritage Trail.

It is a whole day walk which will begin in Holbeck Cemetery where we will look at some of the memorials of those innovators and inventors who made Holbeck the great centre of Industry in the early 18th and 19th century. We will hear about their connections with Mathew Murray, John Marshall, the Round Foundry and others, as well as the Fairs that took place on Holbeck Moor.

You will hear about the Holbeck inventor of probably the world’s first sewing machine in 1851 (and it was not Isaac Singer!)

Holbeck Cemetery 1.jpgHolbeck cemetery Marsden.jpg

Learn about the showmen and women who attended the Feasts and Fairs that took place throughout England and what they did when they came to Holbeck Feast. One of them was known as ‘a caterer of amusement’ and another as ‘The oldest showman in England’, who often told of how he brought the first cinematograph show to Leeds. His wife recalled being at Holbeck Feast when they used to hold a race meetings there.

Holbeck cemetery Bailey.jpg

Then after a walk from the cemetery down Beeston Road you can eat your lunch at The Holbeck club, which opened in 1877, where they will be an exhibition and a chance to chat.

Then the main part of the Holbeck History Trail continues along Holbeck Moor, St Matthew’s church and taking in the Matthew Murray monument and other noteworthy old buildings in Holbeck and concluding near Temple Works at about 4pm.

Cars can be parked at the cemetery and the number 1 Beeston bus could bring you back from the city centre (they run every 10 minutes). Parking is also available at the club which has toilets and there will tea, coffee etc. available.

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If you want to just join us for part of the walk just let us know and bring your packed lunch, walking shoes.

For more details and to book your place please contact Ian on 07830 665016.


This post was written by Eve Tidswell using our Create an article for South Leeds Life page. It was first published on the Friends of Holbeck Cemetery blog.