Irresponsible dog owner falls foul of the law

Irresponsible dog owners around Cottingley may find themselves in for a nasty shock after patrols are being stepped up at Cottingley Cemetery.

Local Councillor Gohar Almass and his colleagues Andrew Scopes and Angela Gabriel have been contacted by residents who are sick and tired of people failing to clean up after their dogs in the Cemetery.

One such owner fell foul of the law when they were issued a Fixed Penalty Notice this week, with the fines starting at £80 if paid within ten days and rising to £100 if not paid in time, it is hoped that word will quickly spread and people will start to take responsibility for their dogs and clean up after them.

Councillor Almass is leading an open public meeting this Saturday (21 December 2019) at 12 noon at the Bridge Café in the Watsonian Pavilion in Cross Flatts Park, Beeston. Local residents are encouraged to attend and speak to the local Civil Enforcement Officer and local PCSO as well as the Councillor to address concerns such as dog fouling, littering and inconsiderate parking.

Councillors Almass, Scopes and Gabriel are all keen to ensure the community works together, residents and local businesses to keep the neighbourhood clean and safe for everyone.

Councillor Gohar Almass (Labour, Beeston & Holbeck) said:

“Allowing your dog to foul in a public place and failing to clear it up is disgusting anywhere but it is incredibly disrespectful to do this in a Cemetery.

“My ward colleagues and I are delighted that a Fixed Penalty Notice was recently issued and hope that people will pay attention and realise that their behaviour is completely unacceptable.  With the threat of a fine and visible patrols to catch them I am hopeful that this anti-social behaviour will stop.

“The meeting on Saturday is a chance for people to let us know what the issues are that concern them so that we can work together to make our community the best it can be for everyone.”


This post is based on a press release issued by Beeston & Holbeck Councillors


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  1. We have had bottles up for months, but I am not responsible for dog owners picking it up, plus the parking enforcement officer is not doing enough !!

  2. Good evening, Please come along on Saturday and let’s ask the LCC’s Civil Enforcement Officer and PCSO relevant questions regarding littering,dog fouling and inconsiderate parking etc. Thanks

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