Hunslet scam please be aware


4 January at  Leeds · Hi, Just to make people aware. Today Carl was approached by a Eastern European Man in Hunslet (outside Penny Hill) asking if he wanted to buy a iPhone 6 as the man needed the money for petrol to get to London.

Carl refused and carried on to the Cash Machine (outside the post office). He then remembered seeing on Facebook a scam where men were selling really cheap (fake) gold as they needed train fares or petrol money.

He walked straight back over to confront the man asking what he was up to, the man obviously didn’t quite understand Carl as he then asked if he wanted to buy any ‘gold’ rings, showing him them on his fingers.

This confirmed what he had thought and when the man saw Carl was getting angry he backed off and ran into Morrison’s.

Somebody would probably fall for this no doubt losing a lot of money.

The man was quite large and probably intimidating to some people. I have informed the police. Please be aware that if anyone does offer you something on the street, it probably isn’t real. Feel free to share.

Published here with the permission of Michelle Briggs.


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  1. This is nothing new, it was going on 30 years ago at service stations. It relies on people wanting to buy something because it’s very cheap. Watches that were £10 at the wholesalers used to come with a RRP tag of £120, these people then tried to make out they are doing you a favour by selling you the watch for £40 but at the end of the day there is not really anything illegal about It.
    People just need to stop being greedy and wanting something for nothing

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