Hunslet Moor’s class of ‘46

Brenda Schofield (nee Morrison) sent us this photo of pupils at Hunslet Moor School 1946. She’s in the middle row, second on the right.

“What a glum lot we look. Having said that, we had very little to be cheerful about. The war had just finished, everything was on coupons and the teacher, Miss Blease, was a tyrant.” said Brenda.

She remembers some of her class mates, but can you help her fill in the gaps?

Front Row l-r: Michael Copley, Colin Bedford, Neville Harrison, Betty Butler, Anne Binns, Valerie Marks, Mary Broxup.

Middle Row l-r: Brenda Foster, Barbara Smallwood, Anne Cockerill, Rita Blaycock, ?, Brenda Rose, Valerie Nutter, ?, ?, ?, ?, Brenda Morrison, Pauline Ellis.

Back Row left to right: ?, ?, Donald Place, Alan Ripley, ?, ?, ?, Miss Blease, ?, ?, ?, ?, Roy?, Barry Hopper.

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