Hunslet Gets a Royal Visitor

I’ve been practising my curtsy but failing miserably (took me back to the days of doing toddler ballet…) so I didn’t make it to the special visit that happened in Hunslet yesterday (19 January 2011).

What am I blathering on about you may wonder? Well, Prince Edward came Leeds yesterday and visited the Hunslet Club to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the club opening.  Jason Slack (from the Hunslet Club) guest blogged on the Guardian Leeds blog this morning (click here for full article) about the event.  It makes a great read.  I fully support the work carried out at the Hunslet Club, they support so many children and young people (and their families) and their facilities are first rate. 

Going back to my earlier comment about toddler ballet when I was nipper – the Hunslet Club runs a ‘Ballet 4 Tots’ so if you have a budding dancer in making aged 18 months to 4 years of age visit their website to find out more (runs on Wednesday 4.30-5.15pm) or give them a ring on 271 6489.  The blurb on the website says “… most graceful form of dance in the world…” and it is, just wasn’t so when I was doing it (rhino in a skirt springs to mind!)