Beeston in Bloom in Cross Flatts Park

We were not the only group active in the park on Saturday.  As I walked up the tree lined path, there was a group of teenage lads and a bag of footballs, all ready at 10 in the morning to do some training and the Watsonia Pavilion was busy with a church service.

We were having a tidying session so the yews were clipped:

and the dead flower heads removed:

The long bed got a late planting of crocuses:

and comments from passing dog walkers:

We all stopped to wonder what the plane was – any ideas anybody? 

It looks cold war Eastern bloc to me.

The raised beds are good if you don’t want to bend and if you do:

and to put the tea tray on:

 Just the paths to sweep and that’s it till next time:

 You can find out when that is here.