Hunslet flooding update

We’ve been back to see the effect of the flooding as the River Aire continues to rise this evening. This footage was shot between 8-9pm on Saturday 26 December 2015.

The Environment Agency say that the water level is plateau-ing in Leeds and do not expect any more properties to be affected. However the levels are predicted to remain high and not start dropping until the early hours of Monday (28 December).

Lets hope they are right.



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3 Replies to “Hunslet flooding update”

  1. Great job of reporting this stuff….seems BBC reporter clocked off at 6.00pm ……the biggest flood in Leeds History and the State run BBC can’t get reporters there. Flooding terrible but climate change, privatisation, building on flood plains (isn’t there a brand new estate by Hunslet Mills?) and cuts in public funding ……ducks coming home to roost

  2. Leeds City council and MPS and local cllrs let the Leeds public down again regards to flood defences. We’ve had more floods in the last few years in the same areas and still no action taken into account. Leeds ring road at Farnley and Wortley flooded Hunslet flooded I bet large chunks of money is spent down there now because one of the housing head offices is there. Leeds town centre how many time as river aire burst it’s banks there? Now it’s affected royal armouries I bet a giant wall goes up around it. All this to the tax payer because Leeds City council and local government can’t get it right.

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