Flooding affects part of Hunslet

The video and photos were shot between 2-3pm on Saturday 26 December 2015 in Hunslet and Holbeck.

At 3:30pm the Environment Agency issued a Severe Flood Warning:

“Flooding is causing and expected to cause further impacts in central Leeds Area. This Severe Flood Warning has been issued because of significant impacts to infrastructure and risk to life in the area. We have experienced record levels in the Aire Catchment. The peak at Leeds Crown Point is expected around 23:00 tonight. This is the highest ever record and higher than in 2007. We are working with police and other partners to maintain public safety. We are also supporting the coordinated multi-agency response. We are closely monitoring the situation from the Leeds Incident Room which is open. This message will be updated if the situation changes. River levels at Leeds Crown Point can be viewed on our website https://flood-warning-information.service.gov.uk/station/8061



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2 Replies to “Flooding affects part of Hunslet”

  1. Tried to sign up on the government website for flood warnings and there saying they dnt provide warnings for my address! How nice

  2. Excellent work Jeremy on both films, really get the feel of the power of climate change glad you’re in one piece.

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