Housing named in Stephen Williamson’s honour


A development of 18 apartments built by Connect Housing has been named after Stephen Williamson, who died earlier this year.

Stephen Williamson worked as a writer and behind the scenes for South Leeds Life following his retirement. As we reported, Steve had spent his career in housing including as Chief Executive of the Riding housing association, now renamed Connect Housing.

The flats, in Seacroft and built on land bought by Steve years ago, have been named Williamson View. Anyone who met Steve will know that he held many views and was not shy about expounding them to you. The site also commands a tremendous view across the city of Leeds, which is appropriate because Steve spent much of his life working to improve the less affluent communities right across Leeds.

The event was attended by Steve’s family and his friends from the Leeds social housing world as well as local residents.

City panorama from Williamson View
City panorama from Williamson View

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  1. A fitting tribute to a fine man who was passionate about many things, including better housing.

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