Belle Isle Swap Shop lift your spirits!


The GATE’s Swap Shop opened two weeks ago and already we’re having to buy another clothes rail! We have everything; tops, trousers, shirts and skirts for men women and kids!

Everyone gets a little buzz or their spirits lifted when they feel good in what they’re wearing and that’s what BITMOS GATE Swap Shop is here to provide – a little lift! We want you to feel like twirling in the mirror, checking yourself out, doing a selfie fantastic! Just because that blouse you sling on most days feels old and bland to you doesn’t mean it’s not a great find to the next person walking into the GATE. So the idea is that you can exchange your unwanted clothing with someone else’s so that everybody is happy, and trust me there are some right gems here!

The Swap Shop is open to everyone and if you see something you like but don’t have anything on you to swap don’t panic we don’t want to take clothes off your back – we can reserve the item for you! Our Facebook will also be updated with ‘best picks of the week’ so if you don’t want to peruse the shelves there’s no need!

It’s great to see people bouncing out of the GATE with big smiles on their faces and a bag of clothes under their arms, but the best thing about the Swap Shop is that it’s self-sustaining! So long as you continue to bring in your unwanted items the rails will always be full!

BITMO Swapshop poster A4


This post was written by Jess Dewhirst using the Create an article for South Leeds Life page.