Holbeck Neighbourhood Forum moves towards formal designation


HolbeckposterThe Holbeck Neighbourhood Forum took a big step forward on Saturday when residents approved its constitution subject to minor amendments, at a meeting held in St Matthew’s Community Centre. It is hoped that the formal application for designation by Leeds City Council will be completed in the next month. Once approved the Forum can elect its Board and officers, which will facilitate the establishment of the Neighbourhood Plan for Holbeck.

Anne Hopper informed residents about progress with the housing Private Finance Initiative (PFI) – the contractor’s compound has been established next to St Matthew’s and work will start on 1 October 2013. On that date responsibility for maintenance issues for properties within the PFI scheme will pass from Morrison to the PFI developer, sc4L. The first scheme will be the rehabilitation of Meynell Heights; meanwhile building work on Unity Housing Association’s new housing development at Brown Lane East will also commence this autumn

HolbeckresidentsIan Pickup reported on progress with getting Holbeck Working Men’s Club on a more solid financial footing with takings up and expenditure down over the past three months – the plan is to ensure the Club is available as a community facility as the regeneration of Holbeck takes place over the next few years

Dennis Kitchen, Acting Chair, reported that the post office would re-open in the former Library building on Domestic Street later this month and that Royal Mail had stated it wanted to join the Forum.

It was announced that a meeting had taken place on 3 September 2013 to discuss potential public access along the former railway viaduct and a group was being established to explore this.

The Neighbourhood Plan now has its own website www.holbeckneighbourhhoplan.org.uk  and has published its first newsletter.  Residents who want to get involved in the Forum’s work and the continuing development of the Neighbourhood Plan should contact Dennis Kitchen at bertiedog2000@yahoo.co.uk or 0750 515 7259.

At the next meeting  – details to be confirmed – it is hoped to elect the Board and officers of Neighbourhood Forum. For more information about how to become a member of the forum or standing for election to the Board please contact Steve Ross at steve.ross@leeds.gov.uk or 0113 395 1305.

The Forum’s September newsletter can be downloaded here: HNP Newsletter September 13

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  1. Apologies that the above article missed out the name of Lucy Potter who spoke eloquently about the viaduct meeting.

    The next meeting will be on Saturday 14 December 2013 at St Matthew’s Community Centre starting at 11.30am with tea &amp coffee available from 11.00am – a must for all those interested in Holbeck’s future.

  2. This is great news. There are a lot of positive developments in the area that the Forum will be able to support and build upon. Thanks to Dennis and everyone for their hard work so far.
    Hilary Benn

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